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This site is called Barwon and Beyond because  we live at Barwon Heads, a rapidly growing village on the estuary at the mouth of the Barwon River, downstream from Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

Our part of the world is called the Bellarine Peninsula, and from here, the Great Ocean Road leads west alongside the surf coast. The world-famous Bell’s Beach is twenty minutes away.

The sleepy village of Barwon Heads became well-known throughout Australia when the ABC television program, Seachange, starring Sigrid Thornton, David Wenham and William McInnes, was filmed here in 1997. The tumbledown jetty shack, called ‘Diver Dan’s’, in the series, has been reconstructed as a very successful restaurant, At the Heads. ‘Laura’s House’ is now a beautiful holiday cabin available for holidaymakers.

In recent years, the town has grown rapidly, more shops and restaurants have opened, and Barwon Heads has become a very popular tourist destination. In addition to our pleasant shops and restaurants, Barwon Heads visitors and residents love the wetlands and the estuary, the Bluff and 13th Beach, the camping parks, the golf courses, and the village park.

We are very lucky to live in this special place. Our home is adjacent to the wetlands, with their mangroves, and to the sea, with surf rolling in from Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean beyond. My friend Don Patrick makes beautiful images of Barwon Heads and the coast, and the link to his website is provided above.

Time & tide is the name of the regular column I write for our community newspaper, ‘Talking Heads’. Because our town, like most places on the coast is constantly subject to development pressures, many of my pieces deal with conservation issues.

But these pages are not limited to information about Barwon Heads. Over many years, Pat, Alison, and I spent all our holidays and weekends in the bush, camping, bushwalking, rock climbing, and ski touring. For 10 years we had a small ocean-going yacht, Scarab, and we cruised Bass Strait and the Northern Tasmanian Coast. We know the mountains of Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania well.

Of course, we have also done some travel in the near outback, though like most people, there are vast sweeps of Australia we have only flown over.

The following pages, then, are intended to give international readers a little of the flavour of our landscape and countryside, and hopefully to arouse your interest in visiting our wonderful country.

billabong, Barmah Forest